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The biggest barriers to mental health treatment are shame, stigma, and lack of financial resources.

No Shame Ministries is committed to helping Christians experience freedom through a transformation in Jesus Christ from the shame associated with depression, anxiety, addictions, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts by centering on a sound mind, body, spirit, and healthy relationships.

Statistics from the National Alliance of Mental Illness


Do you or someone you know struggle with any of these following?

Where you have little interest or pleasure in doing things, feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, making you feel lifeless.  

When feeling nervous, anxious, on edge, or unable to stop or to agonize over something that makes you incapable of completing a simple task?

Forcing pain or physical injury (cutting, burning, scratching your skin, eating too much or too little, using drugs or alcohol, or over-exercising), makes you feel gratified. 

Where you think it's a permanent solution to temporary problems, seeing no way to ease your pain.  

If you said YES to any of these diagnoses or other mental health diagnoses, take the next steps and join a peer-to-peer group!

Causing you to try hard not to think about an event or avoid situations that remind you of something that has caused fear? 

So No Other Family Has to SUFFER a Loss due to Suicide.
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No Shame is a place where you can share everyday struggles, walk together, love & support one another, and learn from each other how to apply God's Word to your life.


The mental health crisis in our nation today has been an unseen battle that plagues so many. No Shames's mission is to disciple those who are suffering and need encouragement through the word of God by focusing on the Mind, the Body, and the Soul.

Thank you to our partnership with Brookside Church for the production of the video

Peer to Peer Group


No Shame Ministries exists to help those who struggle with mental health, suicidal thoughts, and the mental health of their loved ones through Christ-centered resources and community.

Brookside Church 

             MONDAY’s 6:30 PM – 8 PM

             11607 M Circle (park on the upper level)

             Omaha, NE 68137


City Light Church

             TUESDAY’s 6:30 PM – 8 PM

             3401 Oak View Drive
             Omaha, NE 68144


Keep checking the website for updated peer group meeting sites.


NOTE:  Peer Group Meetings are very seldom canceled due to weather or holiday-related situations; however, if you are in question, call 402-679-4203.

Peer-to-Peer Attendee Testimonial

It's well over 25 years since I've dealt with depression and anxiety, yet in the last few years, I've found the support needed to improve my mental wellness journey. Medication has been helpful, yet I still didn't have a quality life.   

I've always believed, yet I never really leaned into God's word for comfort until I immersed myself in Bible studies, and my life quality has changed. One of which was a No Shame Peer-led group. That's when I realized that I was ashamed of my diagnosis. No one needed to know about my struggles, and when I did talk about it, I'd get a response of "get over it"  you're fine.  

Do I still struggle? Yes, ultimately, I know I CAN feel comfortable telling people I struggle with my mental state because I'm surrounded by my N
o Shame family and other believers who have been in my shoes. I'm thankful I have a Father to walk with through this journey.  




Navigators partner with individuals entering the mental health system. Navigators are paired upon request with the afflicted and their families in finding the appropriate local resources, as well as helping them get plugged into mental health support communities.


  • Maintain a comprehensive list of mental health resources in the community. Resources include a list of psychiatrists, therapists, and other community resources.

  • Will be assigned to every new entrant into the mental health system and will walk them through the practical steps of the first 12 weeks of their mental wellness plan.

  • Communicate with the client daily to perform a "Check-in," provide daily encouragement, and help hold them accountable to established goals and objectives.

  • Meet with clients weekly to walk them through the No Shame core curriculum, providing discipleship and a biblical worldview. 

  • Will provide consistent information to all parties involved in the client's care, from the psychiatrist, therapist, peer group leader, and pastoral teams



Awareness trainers focus on educating leaders, congregants, and communities on the signs of mental illness and those that are at higher risk for suicide, as well as providing a pathway for wholeness in Christ, providing community resources to intervene, and sharing how No Shame Ministries and other organizations partnering with them in their journey towards wellness.

Provide church leaders with free mental health education and suicide prevention training, enabling them to direct individuals in distress to people and resources to assist them with mental wellness.


  • Offer training to church congregations on mental health education and suicide prevention. This can come through training sessions or leading professional panels where congregants can engage in question-and-answer sessions.

  • Host mental health conferences within the Omaha community by educating residents on mental wellness and suicide prevention. The stigmas can be broken that hinder individuals from seeking help when they are distressed. Early engagement is critical to favorable outcomes



A Warmline is a non-crisis early entry point for individuals just starting to struggle with mental distress or for loved ones looking for help with family or friends who need assistance.


  • Trained individuals within the existing No Shame discipleship/support communities will operate the Warm-line number.


  • Warm-line responders will follow strict and well-established protocols for managing each call. Individuals in crisis will be directed to the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Wellness checks will be mandatory if a person is suicidal. 


  • An early entry point into the mental wellness system before an individual enters into a mental health crisis. Callers will be assigned a navigator who will help establish an actionable mental wellness plan and assist in contacting all the available necessary resources.  

Be a part of the change! 

To Break Down
Barriers to Change
the Trajectory of Mental Illness to Mental Wellness

How Can We Help?

No Shame Ministries

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